Must read information about Lord Hanuman

Must read information about Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman

Must read information about Lord HanumanHanuman ji is described as perfect in Kali-yuga. (Sanskrit: Hanuman, Anjaneya and Maruti too) are the most popular concepts of devotion to God (devotion to God in Hinduism) and the most important figure in the Indian epic Ramayana. He is considered by some to be the most powerful and intelligent of the 11 Rudravataras of Lord Shiva, according to some thoughts. According to the Ramayana, he is very dear to Janaki. On this earth, among the seven mystics who have the boon of immortality, there are also Bajrangbali. Hanuman ji was incarnated to help Lord Rama. There are innumerable stories of Hanuman's valor. The way he made Sugriva's friendship with Rama and then killed the demons with the help of monkeys is very famous.

According to the exact calculation of astrologers, Hanuman ji was born 58 thousand 112 years ago and according to popularity, in the final phase of Tretayuga, on Tuesday, on the day of Chaitra Nakshatra and Aries ascendant, the sum of Chitra Nakshatra and Aries Lagna is 6.03 am in the country of Jharkhand state in India. It took place in a cave in a small hill village called Anjan in the district.
He is known as Bajrangbali because his body was like a thunderbolt. He is known as Pawan Putra. Vayu or Pawan (god of wind) played an important role in raising Hanuman.
Marut (Sanskrit: मृुत) means air. Nandan means son. According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman is "Maruti" meaning "Marut-Nandan" (son of wind).


1.Story of Hanuman's birth
2.Naming of hanuman
3.Understanding the Sun as fruit by Hanuman
4.Lord Hanuman's form
5.Hanuman Chalisa

1. Story of birth of Hanuman

Once wandering, Vanararaj Kesari reached near Prabhas Tirtha. He saw that many sages came there. Some sadhus were worshiping on the shore by doing postures. At the same time a huge elephant came there and started killing the sages. Sage Bharadwaj was sitting calmly on the pedestal, the evil elephant swooped towards him. When Kesari saw the elephant raging from a nearby mountain peak, he forcefully uprooted her big teeth and killed her. Pleased with the elephant killed, the sages said, 'Ask for the monkey.' Kesari asked for a boon, 'Lord, you will take the form of will, give me mighty like wind and son like Rudra.' The sages called 'Aastastu' and they left.

One day Mata Anjani was going to the top of the mountain in human form. She was admiring the beauty of the setting sun. Suddenly strong winds started coming. And his clothes flew a bit. They looked around but were not moving even to the leafs of the surrounding pages.

He considered that a demon was invisibly obsessed. So she loudly said, 'Who the wicked tries to insult me ​​and my wife?' Then suddenly Pawan Dev appeared and said, 'Devi, do not be angry and forgive me.
Your husband has been blessed by the sages as my mighty son. Being forced by the words of those same Mahatmas, I have touched your body. From my part you will get a great boy. He further said, 'Lord Rudra has entered you through my touch. He will appear in your son's form. Lord Rudra himself incarnated in the area of ​​Vanararaj Kesari. In this way Shri Ramdoot Hanumanji was born to Vanararaj Kesari.

2. Naming of Hanuman

Hanuman's chin (Hanu in Sanskrit) was broken by Indra's thunderbolt. That is why he was named Hanuman. Apart from this, it is famous by many names like Bajrang Bali, Maruti, Anjani Sut, Pawanaputra, Sankatmochan, Kesarinandan, Mahavir, Kapish, Shankar Suvan etc.

3. Thinking of Sun as fruit by Hanuman

Once all the information must be read, all the Gods heard about Lord Hanuman's talk about Hanuman ji - From today on, there will be no effect of any kind of weapon on this child. Indra said- My Vajra will also not be affected. Its chin was broken by the thunderbolt, hence its name will be Hanuman from today. Brahma said - Air God! This son of yours will be the greatest in strength, intelligence and learning. In any of the three worlds, there will be no other person who can match it. This will be the biggest devotee of Lord Shri Ram. By meditating on it, all kinds of suffering will be eradicated. It will be completely free from the influence of my Brahmastra. Pleased with the boon and hearing the prayers of Brahmaji and the Gods, Vayudev again started flowing as before. The beings of the three worlds became happy.

Hanuman proceeds to capture the sun as a fruit.

One day after his birth, his mother left him in the ashram to bring fruits. When the baby Hanuman was hungry, he considered the rising sun as a fruit and started flying in the sky to catch it. To help them, Pawan also walked very fast. On the other hand, Lord Surya did not allow him to burn with his glory, considering him as an innocent child. At the time when Hanuman rushed to catch the Sun, Rahu wanted to eclipse the Sun. When Hanumanji touched Rahu in the upper part of the Sun, he ran away from there in fear. He went to Indra and complained "Devraj! You gave me Surya and Chandra as a means to calm my apps. Today on Amavasya day when I went to suffer SuryaSaw that the second Rahu is going to capture the Sun. "

On hearing Rahu, Indra panicked and took him along and started towards Sun. Seeing Rahu, Hanumanji paused on Rahu leaving Surya. When Rahu called Indra for protection, he hit Hanumanji with Vajrayudh, causing him to fall on a mountain and his chin was broken. Seeing this condition of Hanuman, Vayudev got angry. He stopped his pace at that moment. Due to this, no creature in the world could breathe and all started to suffer in agony. Then all the surras, asuras, yakshas, ​​eunuchs etc. went to the shelter of Brahma. Brahma went to Vayudev with them all. He was sitting sad with a tangled Hanuman in his lap. When Brahma ji resurrected him, Vayudev transmitted the agony of all beings by transmitting their motion. Then Brahma said that no weapon can damage its part. Indra said that its body will be stiffer than thunderbolt. Suryadev said that he would give him a century of his glory and also blessed him to be penetrating the scriptures. Varun said that this child will always be safe with my loop and water. Yamdev blessed to be avidya and neerog. Gods like Yaksharaj Kubera, Vishwakarma etc. also gave immense blessings.

4. Hanuman ji's form

According to the Hindu epic Ramayana, Hanuman ji is depicted as a very manly man with a monkey face. His body is very muscular and powerful. Janeu hangs on his shoulder. Hanuman ji is shown with an exposed body wearing only a nappy. He is shown wearing a golden crown on the forehead and a gold affection on the body. He has a long tail like a monkey. Their main weapon is considered mace.

5. Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa is a poetic work written by Tulsidas Ji in Awadhi which describes the qualities and works of Lord Rama's great devotee Hanuman in forty four-quarters. This is a very small work in which beautiful praise of Pawanputra Sri Hanuman has been given. In this, not only is the sentiment of Bajrang Bali, Shri Ram's personality is also etched in simple words. The word 'Chalisa' refers to 'forty' (40) because there are 40 verses in this eulogy (excluding the two couplets of introduction).

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